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Telecube has a group of international experts having deployed networks in various parts of the world including USA, Canada, Europe and Asia. Our consultants specialize in the design and deployment of most of the wireless technologies including GSM, TDMA, DECT, cdma2000, CDMA WLL, UMTS and other 3G technologies. We provide support for all technical, project management, legal and contract related issues. The team works on the concept of total ownership where our clients are supported in each aspect of a successful launch of their Wireless Network Operations.

Area of Expertise

  1. Satellite Communications based networks planning and implementation
  2. Telemedicine products & integrated solutions
  3. Frequency monitoring & management systems
  4. Security & management systems
  5. Intranet planning and development, solutions and services
  6. Optical Fiber systems, cables and accessories
  7. Optical Fiber and UG cable route planning & implementation services
  8. IP Based Switches
  9. Digital radio Systems installation and integration
  10. HF, VHF and UHF communication products and services
  11. UPS, generators, batteries and rectifiers

Service Offering

Telecube offers a range of services for setting up a mobile, fixed or limited mobility wireless network. The team has the experience and background for implementation of most of the leading wireless technologies. Based on extensive work experience with different technology vendors and operators, our consultants are in the best position to advice on the selection of technology, equipment and deployment strategies. In order for a successful launch of network operations in a competitive market, Telecube offers a broad range of services to equipment vendors & operators. These services include following:

  1. Licensing Process with Regulator
  2. Business Plan Development
  3. Network installation & commissioning
  4. Frequency and Technology Selection
  5. Network Dimensioning and Rollout Planning
  6. Network Feature and Technical Specification
  7. Technology Evolution Planning
  8. Vendor Selection
  9. Contract Finalization
  10. UPS, generators, batteries and rectifiers installations
  11. Cross Field Technologies system integration
  12. Network Test and Acceptance
  13. Network Service Launch
  14. Post Launch Optimization
  15. Network Operations, Administration and Maintenance
  16. Training

Telecube, therefore, has the expertise to manage all aspects of the BOT: Build, Operate & Transfer. After engaging Telecube our client can rest assured that the network will be deployed as per strategy and timelines defined by them. Telecube's consultants ensure that the whole process of network implementation is performed with precision and according to the business plan and marketing strategy laid out by the client. Telecube takes on all the relevant activities for network implementation including network deployment and technology planning, project management, contract management, and regulatory compliance.

In order to deliver these services with speed and highest quality Telecube has a team of experts specializing in each of these activities. These experts have operated in Telecomm Markets around the world and have helped operators formulate a winning strategy to benefit from explosive growth in the emerging telecomm markets. Telecube as a trusted partner can help a vendor or an operator to ensure that their network planning and technical aspects are dealt with professional honesty for successful business development in a competitive market.

Telecom Networking Projects Experience

In past few years, while working for various organizations, our engineers have delivered country wide Telecom related Projects including following:

  1. Digital Radio System (DRS) Access Network planning, survey & implementation on a country wide network
  2. Installation & commissioning of Integrated Private Switching Network (ISPN) with switches spread through out Pakistan
  3. Designing, planning & implementation of optical fibre access network on a country wide backbone
  4. Satellite Communication networks planning, designing & implementation with 100 plus VSAT terminals
  5. Designing, planning & implementation of Packet switching network at several locations in Pakistan
  6. Designing & planning of one of the Pakistan's largest Campus wide LAN network
  7. Program & Project management for an enterprise communication Project

Recent Wireless Network Assignments

  • Installation & commissioning of Alcatel Microwave system for Mobilink project in progress
  • Deployed 200 plus sites for Paktel Cellular Operator with full BTS installation including Microwave links and up gradadtion to dual band (900/1800 MHz) systems in Central Punjab and South of Pakistan (Equipment vendor:ZTE, Erricson, Alcatel)
  • Designing & planning of forth coming CDMA based first cellular network
  • Deployed SDH system at PTCL locations in the North of Pakistan (Equipment Vendor: Hauwei)
  • Deployed Alcatel BTS at Paktel sites in the North of Pakistan
  • Designing & Planning of CDMA based WLL network
  • Installation and Commissioning of CMPak microwave with DG Telecom China is in progress
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